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The Blog World - If you have a Blog, bring it here! This is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all a

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Manager: theodora_maffat
If you have one Blog ,bringing here ! this is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all and in all languages;we will love to see them! Blogs with poetry ,photography, arts in general and comments about life! That's it!

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The Mulan Drinking Game - 09/17/2012

Okay... so a drinking game to a Disney movie is arguably not very Goth. Let's just point out that Disney hosts Bats Day and that you can drink this while sipping some suitably spooky beverage like Blood or Absinthe or Tea Caudle. Mulan is one of the final movies of the Disney Renaissance . It is based on an old Chinese poem about a woman who went into the military in place of her old father and little brothers. The movie is of course Disnified and has weird elements like a talking dragon voice by Eddie Murphy thrown in to be more 'hip.' Now... this is actually the best drinking game to a film I've done. It's got a small enough number of imbibe moments that one can usually remember them, and they are all for just one drink so there's no confusion about how many sips or chugs this or that requires. Here are the moments: Shan-Yu's hawk screeches (repeat the screech and drink) Characters pour or have tea (drink) Nudity (drink) Ancestor spi...

The Mulan Drinking Game

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