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The Blog World - If you have a Blog, bring it here! This is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all a

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The Blog World

Manager: theodora_maffat
If you have one Blog ,bringing here ! this is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all and in all languages;we will love to see them! Blogs with poetry ,photography, arts in general and comments about life! That's it!

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Dial Foaming Hand Wash - 12/25/2012
The fine folks at Purex and Dial sent me 2 bottles of Dial Foaming Hand Wash to try for FREE. You can see them here (I got the Santa and the tree ones): This is a well-designed product. The bottles are cute, and a nice shape, the soap is a cheerful red, and has a nice scent... I think it's supposed to be cranberry. It's their antibacterial hand wash, Dial Complete, about which they say: "The complete facts about Dial Complete clean: The Dial Complete® patented formula is over 1,000 times more effective at killing disease-causing germs than other antibacterial liquid hand soaps. It also rinses cleaner than other soaps and kills 99.99% of bacteria. IT EXCEEDS THE FDA's current OTC drug monograph standard for germ kill effectiveness for healthcare hand wash. It's antibacterial AND antimicrobial - to kill bacteria and certain strains of yeast. Dial Complete® is as effective at killing germs as hand so...

Dial Foaming Hand Wash

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