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The Blog World - If you have a Blog, bring it here! This is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all a

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Manager: theodora_maffat
If you have one Blog ,bringing here ! this is the space for you and all the Blogs you love to see and write. Bring it all and in all languages;we will love to see them! Blogs with poetry ,photography, arts in general and comments about life! That's it!

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Esio - 01/02/2013
I rung in the New Year with the Esio, the new hot and cold beverage dispenser, which I received FREE along with beverage packs to test via BSM Media. People at the party were interested to see how it worked; they were able to have both hot and cold drinks from one machine, which no one had seen before. We had a variety of problems; leakage from what turned out to be a loose plug, concentrate coming out instead of beverage, and the cold drinks never getting really cold. We did eventually get it working smoothly. The coffee was rated "medicinal," "ok" and "good" by the various people who tried it. People weren't really up for lemonade or sports drinks at a New Year's party, but those who were coaxed into tasting the cold drinks pronounced them "ok." I think the Esio is really better suited for keeping members of the household from opening the fridge every 5 seconds for a drink than for an adult party. Maybe when they come out with different coffee flavors, or more adult-friendly cold beverages, it will be more than a novelty at parties; it's an interesting machine with the potential to be a popular item. You can find Esio at Walmart; check it out here:


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