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Manager: webring
This is an open discussion forum for users to discuss WebRing features, wishes, thoughts, etc. QUESTIONS about and PROBLEMS with the System should be posted in detail using the support forums in Help. Negative, derogatory or personal comments will be deleted. Sadly, due to spamming and anonymous trashing of other users we have had to restrict posting to signed in members.

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A few permanent posts to illustrate the feature
Re (3403): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Thanks. Knocking the cookie security down from medium to low in the interne

Re (3401): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Two possible reasons: 1. you're site is not asctive in the ring currently

can't upload logos?
  Is there a problem with logo uploading? When is the best time to upload?

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Is This Really Acceptable? - 02/28/2006
Last year I attempted to join several Photography webrings only to find a large number CLOSED to new members, I ended up having to join other themed rings which my site would fit in. Out of curiosity I have just had a look at some of those closed rings. They appear to be owned by the same person under different ID's, the owner has not logged in for 130 days and states the rings will be closed for another 7 to 8 months. I find it incredible that someone can adopt/own so many Photography rings then shut them down for an entire year!!!!! Those of us who log in each day still get in to trouble for not approving a site quick enough even if there is good reason for delay. I'm confused :(

Replied - 02/28/2006
I believe that I know the Ring Manager you are referring to. His main contribution to his rings seems to be logging in once a year (using his various ID names) and simply updating his "Back in September"-style messages. My own mail to this Manager has gone unanswered for so long that I have given up trying to communicate with him. Like every other Member of the Web Group I belong to, I log in every day, deal with applications, answer technical questions and do my best to develop a real sense of community within my rings - but time and time again, I have been deemed less worthy of adopting unsteered rings than this absentee Manager. This state of affairs seems even more unfair when it is realised that, via his multiple IDs, he is apparently holding most of the best-populated photography rings in a state of arrested development. Since the status checker recently gave most Managers a surprising number of 'failed' reports, it is very likely that the rings managed by Mr Back-In-September are disrupted by many broken links - unless, of course, he has just left everything 'on automatic'.

Why is he allowed to get away with such a blatantly casual approach to his responsibilities? Why isn't he required to at least nominate a deputy to take care of his rings? - one of the 'safety nets' that makes co-operation within a Web Group beneficial. Why is he seemingly seen as such a model manager that he was allowed to acquire rings some time after he'd elected to distance himself from WebRing in the fashion described?

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