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Manager: webring
This is an open discussion forum for users to discuss WebRing features, wishes, thoughts, etc. QUESTIONS about and PROBLEMS with the System should be posted in detail using the support forums in Help. Negative, derogatory or personal comments will be deleted. Sadly, due to spamming and anonymous trashing of other users we have had to restrict posting to signed in members.

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A few permanent posts to illustrate the feature
Re (3403): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Thanks. Knocking the cookie security down from medium to low in the interne

Re (3401): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Two possible reasons: 1. you're site is not asctive in the ring currently

can't upload logos?
  Is there a problem with logo uploading? When is the best time to upload?

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Re (331): Adoption process is whacked! I continue to be ignored! forumguest 03/27/2004 (6 posts)
This gets funnier by the minute. Nearly fell out of my chair when this a   more
Re (328): Adoption process. Lets agree to disagree. lazarst 03/26/2004 (3 posts)
I suggest that the evidence be laid before the WebRing Manager court of opi   more
Politics section globalaffairs 03/23/2004 (1 posts)
The "politics" category currently has "189 Rings , 161419 hits" - much more   more
Re (321): Harassment of Users & appropriate use of WebRing wrug 03/23/2004 (3 posts)
Since I'm poking around in here today, I asked TJ a second ago if he ha   more
Re (318): Only flaw we see... wrug 03/21/2004 (6 posts)
Whether it's Yahoo!Groups or MSN Groups, the answer lies in the Groups   more
Re (312): How do I change the order that my rings are in? system 03/19/2004 (2 posts)
Whoops! You have the wrong Forum for this. Your question was actually answe   more
Re (310): Nav bar and web ring logos (pictures) have gone missing lildachs 03/18/2004 (6 posts)
OK... I now see that ONE MR&TS membership (the *old* one?) says 'active   more
Re (301): some hacker made my webring adoptable system 03/18/2004 (2 posts)
Whoops! You have the wrong Forum for this. Your question was actually answe   more
Re (306): Could a RingMaster rename a WebSite jliilj 03/17/2004 (15 posts)
========================= a : joint ownership or participation community   more
Re (288): Some of my web rings won't open smothers68 03/15/2004 (4 posts)
I noticed that. A few recent webrings i tried to join denied me because of   more
Re (269): WeRing vs. ******* smothers68 03/15/2004 (3 posts)
For WebTV users who can't afford the space taken up by HTML and other b   more
Re (281): Adoption process is whacked! andrea 03/15/2004 (12 posts)
And since you mentioned the ancient Help Group, let me say that it STILL ex   more
Re (284): The Javascript Code for Your Site owned_by_a_goat 03/14/2004 (2 posts)   more
Hotmail Pasting! alpha2410 03/12/2004 (1 posts)
I am new to new to webring and would like to know where the best place is t   more
Re (271): New webring for 'US Election '04' category webring 03/12/2004 (3 posts)
Indeed. Things seem to have moved into the phase where it is mainly fund r   more
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