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#1 Original Pokemon Soshiki - Come join the ultimate ring of Pocket Monsters (short form Pokemon)! If you love Pokemon (especially Pikachu) as much as

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#1 Original Pokemon Soshiki

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Manager: animesurf
Come join the ultimate ring of Pocket Monsters (short form Pokemon)! If you love Pokemon (especially Pikachu) as much as I do AND have a site that contains Pokemon stuff, it's a ring that you must join! GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL!


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   The Image Central Preview Go
My site includes pictures of Pokemon, Digimon, Mario Kart 64, DK 64, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and Magic: The Gathering. We also have Paper Mario 64!
   Pokemon Masquerade Preview Go
A Pokemon Wifi-League based on the ability of competitive battling supported by 'Pokemon D/P' and 'Pokemon Battle Revolution'
   Poketorium Preview Go
Under constrution. Will have pictures. Has a poll, guestbook, and going to have a forum. It has my favorite Pokemon list on it. There's lots more!

My site is about POKeMON and it has got a lot of things like characters,pictures,3d pictures,games,wallpapers,videos,quiz,and,exclusive pictures,the story of pokemon and alot of other things.Visit it NOW!!!
   Mikes Team Rocket Page! Preview Go
This page is My Dedication to my 2 most favorite carecters in Pokemon, They are indeed Jesse and James Of Team Rocket!
   Prof Oak's Lab Preview Go
Pokemon site with accurate red/blue info, how to draw pokemon section, ask Prof Oak, and more!
   The Pokemon Research Labs Preview Go
Unofficial site contains pokemon pictures, info, charts, guides, a pokedex of 151 pokemon, and more...
   Meowth and Jigglypuffs Pokemon Palace Preview Go
A page full of Pokemon news and multimedia. It also has a section for aspiring Pokeartist to display their work and original pokemon.
   Pokehouse Palace Preview Go
My site has pokemon stuff like downloads, galleries, music, and more.
   Pokemon Paradise Preview Go
An on going Pokemon RPG. Also a pokemon database with game info,adopt-a-pokemon, a walkthrough, codes and more. The site is still being updated though but there is still a lot to see.

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